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Volunteering – Do we really need to go to Africa? – Interview with Charles from Uganda and Organization Global Match

Charles Kamya Global Match Podcast Change & perspective Volunteering Do we really need to go to Africa Interview

#042 – White savior and post colonialism – what it means and why it starts in our heads. Volunteering in Africa, traveling to the global south to help and give back on our holiday. More and more (young) people want to travel and at the same time help local communities. What starts with a good intention can sometimes have a negative impact rather than helping.

Charles Kamya from Uganda shares in this Interview his perspective on international development aid. He lived next to a school and orphanage and saw many white people coming there to help. We talk about his feelings on this and why he started an own organization with Katharina from Germany to create equal opportunities for every young person in the world – an exchange on eye level. He shares his personal story and why he is so passionate to help his own community and especially the youth and orphans. On top he also gives incredible insights on the current situation around donations and projects abroad. This episode will make you change your perspective – this is for sure.


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What is this episode about?

  • Charles Kamya talkes about his organization Global Match, the story behind it and why it changes the perspective of many young people
  • We talk about traditional development aid and why it is problematic. He also gives tips and insights how we can do better and enhance and exchange on eye level
  • Apart from his personal story he also talk about his dedication to help the youth. In combination with raising awareness for the environment
  • I ask him on the term „white savior“ and what post colonialism means. And also how we can change those pictures in our head
  • Charles has been to Germany several times already and gives an interesting perspective on not only our culture but also on the image of Africa that has been drawn in the media
  • Volunteering in Africa – Let’s change perspective about this


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