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Sustainable Tourism in the Azores

Podcast Change and Perspective Carolina Maçanita Sustainable tourism in the Azores

#040 – Impact, benefits and chances of sustainable tourism for a country and its people. This episode is an interview with Carolina Maçanita. I met her one and a half years ago in the Azores – the first country I visited on my trip around the world. A small island chain in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We are talking about her journey from the sustainable lodge I met her, to her work with the government to be certified as a sustainable tourist destination by GSTC. She takes us along in the process and shares, what it means for the people of the Azores.

We also talk about the importance of involvement and how tourism and also the certification has an impact on the local community. What can we do as an eco-conscious traveler in the Azores and how can we get involved in the culture and local events? The Azores are currently in a transition phase. Carolina talks about the impact of low-costs flights and how management of tourism can change the whole impact long term. Join for an inspiring and funny talk about sustainable tourism and a lot of hope and action for positive change.


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What is this episode about?

  • Carolina is an inspiring women that takes action and is the same age as I am. She is part of a generation that is thriving for change.
  • In what way does a certification process to be a sustainable tourist destination help the local community? We talk about the process itself, the benefits and the challenges.
  • The Azores want to be the true ambassador of sustainable destinations – Carolina tells us how they want to do it and how they wan to influence every tourist that is coming to their home.
  • Practical tips for eco-travels and how we can incorporate the SDGs in our daily life, are also part of the conversation
  • In the end it’s all about the fun and positive mindset. You will hear: we have a lot of this


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