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Social travel born in Cambodia

Social travel born in Cambodia, Podcast change and perspective, Cambodia, Kathrin Weltblick 2.0 Mr Thy

Have you ever decided to spend one and a half hours in one of the auto rickshaws? A Tuk-Tuk is a good option to get around in Southeast-Asian cities. When Mr Thy picked me up I didn’t know what I got myself into. It was dusty, bumpy and – scenic. The moment I saw the rice fields and the small children running around, waving at me, I knew it was worth the ride. A Homestay in the middle of nowhere.

homestay social travel Cambodia Kambodscha socialbnb NGO Kinder Schule
Mitten durch die Reisefelder und die Kinder aus dem Dorf sind mit dabei

Pang Na is a small village 45km out of Phnom Penh. There are not many reasons to go there, but for me there were a few very important ones. I stayed for one night in a homestay with Mr Thy and his family. This was about the experience in a local village and I also wanted to support a very special project.

The normal school doesn’t provide English lessons for the children. But they need it to get better jobs and salary in the future. And I want them to have a better future.


I wrote about my experiences when I visited one of the Socialbnb homestays that supports a local school on their blog. You want to learn more about it? Have a look at the full article on their blog or scroll down to get to the Podcast episode.

Podcast episode with one of the founders of Socialbnb

#022 – How to empower local communities while travelling. In this episode I talk to Alex. One of the founders of Socialbnb – a platform that connects travelers with small NGOs. We talk about Mr. Thy and his school in Cambodia and how it inspired them to develop a whole network behind it. We share ideas how to travel more social and why it’s important to help especially the small ones. You will learn about inspiring ideas that just started with a thought and how they can have a huge impact. Come along and join us in a casual talk about local change and exchange with people all around the world.


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