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#031 – Why we are all part of ocean conservation. David McCann joins me for an inspiring conversation on marine protection and activism. We talk about the organization S.E.A.S that is working in six main areas on Mabul Island in Malaysian Borneo. You will learn about corals and their connection to the sea temperature, why sharks are so important and how everyone of us can join to protect our ocean. David shares some hands-on tips when it comes to sustainable tourism, diving and looking for a dive center. Collaboration is the new super power and together we are looking for alternatives and explore the community work that S.E.A.S does on Mabul Island. This interview is full of positivity and with a clear focus on solutions rather than figures and deadlines.


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What is this episode about?

  • David McCann is the conservation manager of the organization Scuba Junkie S.E.A.S. on Mabul Island next to Borneo in Malaysia
  • We are talking about their work with the local community to protect the ocean and to find alternatives when it comes to destructive fishing
  • He gives tips how we can choose a sustainable dive center and travel more consciously concerning our impact
  • SEAS is working in six action fields that combine their conservation work
  • The firs one is the eco friendly resort where I had the opportunity to stay during my open water course (not sponsored)
  • Sharks – protection of certain species, raise awareness and make the whole are around Semporna a shark conservation area
  • Turtles: They have hatchery program as well as a hospital and a population study with photo ID
  • Corals: Apart from reef checks they are also doing restoration measures and planting programs
  • When it comes to waste and plastic they are doing clean-ups as well as constant improvement of the recycling on the island and reusing resources as best as possible
  • Outreach and Engagement: This is the most important areas. David emphasizes that he believes in collaboration and connection. One person can change the world but together we are more
  • The interview is full of positive energy and solutions, join to get inspired and change your perspective


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