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Responsible Volunteering – Help more by learning first – Interview with Claire Bennett

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#052 – How we can transform our world with empathy. Claire Bennett is an advocate for responsible volunteering or how she calls it: learning service. In this conversation she takes us back right at the beginning of her journey of international development and volunteering abroad in Nepal.

She talks openly about the mistakes she made along the way and how she learned from them. We discuss the good intentions of people who would like to help abroad and how they can transform them into an actual impact. What kind of questions do we need to ask ourselves and how can we find ethical volunteering options? Do we need to travel in order to grow as a human being? What will travel and our world in general look like after Corona? Claire gives important tips and shares her knowledge how we can travel with more empathy and do good. We discuss the history of volunteering and why it is not always as easy as it seems to solve problems abroad. This conversation is full of hope and joy despite the heavy topic of volunteering. Join us for a deep learning experience.


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What is this episode about?

  • Claire Bennett is an expert when it comes to responsible volunteering
  • She takes us back to Nepal where her journey started and how she learned through her own experiences. Today she advocates for a learning-first approach when it comes to volunteering abroad
  • We talk about the urge to travel and to grow as a human being. If and how we can find different way to emerge and what the future will look like after Corona.
  • Responsible volunteering is not as easy as it seems but she gives some questions and points to look for.
  • How can we spot ethical options and what kind of questions should I ask myself?
  • We believe in the power of change and in love young people with good intentions. Let’s see how and in what way we can transform them to an sustainable change in this world.


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