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What we can learn from indigenous people on Borneo

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#029 – How to fight for what you love when laws are not enough. I’m talking to Nelson and Galus from PACOS trust. They are both members from local indigenous communities and joined PACOS to empower native people to fight for their land. They share, how and why indigenous people are deeply connected to their land and we can learn from their systems to live in harmony with nature.  No land – No life.

As everything begins and ends with their land, laws and current regulations are a core issue. You will learn, why it’s not about taking humans away from natural resources and how they think about conservation. We touch on topics like climate change, government issues, palm oil and where they take your motivation from to fight for their ancestor land every single day. This interview is in English and if you prefer to listen to the key facts, just jump to the last bit and get inspired.


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What is this episode about?

  • I’m talking to Nelson and Galus from PACOS Trust – on organization that support local indigenous communities and empowers them to fight for their land
  • We talk about their connection to the land and why they feel the need to preserve it
  • They share the situation on land rights, what the government is doing and why laws are no enough
  • We touch on global topics like climate change and how they think to solve this problem


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