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Empowering local communities to fight for their land on Borneo

#028 – How big dams effect the environment and why we should rethink green energy. Mark from SAVE Rivers in Borneo Sarawak in Malaysia shares the power of the local people and how they speak up against the big companies trying to grab their land. You will learn why dams are not sustainable at all how heavily they impact the environment and indigenous people. He shares their incredible success of preventing a big dam in Baram and the ongoing struggle to convince the government to invest in small scale solutions. We talk about the power and motivation of local people and how can make changes at home to lead by example for a worldwide change. SAVE rivers provides sustainable solutions for the communities and teaches them how to get independent from monocropping and earn confidence to speak up for their rights. Join in a talk about Malaysian politics and change. ***English*** In case you liked this episode, I would love to read your comment or see your rating on iTunes or any other Podcast App. Subscribe to the Podcast for more positive vibes and a new perspective on sustainable topics.

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What is this episode about?

  • I’m talking to one of the members of the grassroots organization SAFE Rivers in Sarawak Borneo
  • He shares interesting insights in their community work and how they managed to prevent a big dam
  • We shed a light on the fact why dams are not sustainable and actually harming the environment, land and livelihood of the people
  • Why we should start at home and be an example for global change
  • How small scale farming and different crops can be a solution to end independence
  • How logging and big dams effects global emissions and how they tackle the problem
  • We talk about rivers in Europe and Asia and why we have to advocate against dams globally

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