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#024 – Protecting Biodiversity on Cat Ba Island in Vietnam. Neahga Leonard joins me for a talk on the essential role of biodiversity and their work to save the Cat Ba Langur on the Archipelago. He shares interesting insights why poachers aren’t always the bad guys and how they work together with the local community to change the mindset about wildlife trade in Vietnam. You will learn about your responsibility and power as a traveler to change the places you are going to explore. We talk about volunteering, why education in the key factor that takes time and how effective conservation starts at home. Biodiversity is the money in the bank and we are about to lose most of it. Tune in for some real talk on climate change and how we can turn things around – together.


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What is this episode about?

  • I’m talking to the director of the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project Neahga Leonard, why the primate species is critically endangered
  • We talk about their solutions, education and why we always have to work closely with the communities
  • Poachers are often not the bad guys. We talk about what has to change instead
  • He gives hands on tips for travelers how you can travel more responsibly and help most effectively
  • You will learn about the meaning of biodiversity and why it’s money in the bank
  • The most effective conservation is done at home in your backyard
  • We also chat a lot about political movement and change and why we need to get involved in larger discussion to be heard
  • Despite shattering facts there is a lot of hope and power in this conversation for a momentum we can all join in together


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