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Best Of Two Years – Birthday Special Change & Perspective

Kathrin von Podcast Change and Perspective vor Bergen. Best of two years Birthday Special

#054 – Wisdoms, positive perspectives and a sense of changing the world. Two years ago, I started this Podcast. This best of episode is my gift to you. It contains the wisdoms of all my English-speaking interview guests. You will get an interesting perspective on the concept of sustainability and how different it is for many people.

They are sharing their tips and wisdoms on the meaning of life and how we can all follow and engage in the spirit of change. How can we stay motivated with current events and is it that we can change as one person? I had the opportunity to speak to inspiring people around the world. I can’t put into words how grateful I am and how much I learnt along the way and especially in these conversations. Thank you for being a part of this journey and for changing your persoective – together with me. (Plus there is a gift at the end of this episode)


In case you liked this episode, I would love to read your comment or see your rating on iTunes or any other Podcast App. Subscribe to the Podcast for more positive vibes and a new perspective on sustainable topics. *** Birthday Special – send a screenshot or message of your iTunes review and get to opportunity to win access to my new online course about responsible and ethical volunteering ***

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What is this episode about?

  • What is sustainability? You can find 14 different opinions and concepts of this word in the episode.
  • Listen to the highlights and best tips how we can change the world, keep a positive mindset and work together to shape our future.
  • How can we stay motivated? After listening to this, you will be eager to take actions join together to make a change.
  • This is best of change & perspective will change your worldview and gives you a huge inspiration to take towards a sustainable life.


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