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Hi Awesome!

Welcome to Worldview 2.0, my home, my soul, my heart.

This blog is about sustainability, solutions and positive change that improves not only your own life, but also the life of many others – and maybe the whole world.

I’m Kathrin and I took responsibility for my own happiness and fulfillment. I recognized that I have all the resources and power I need, to live the life I dream about. Before I started this journey, I followed a strict and reasonable path. But I kept asking myself: What makes me happy and what do I really want from life?

I want to make a difference. I want to help others and contribute to a more sustainable living on earth. I want to inform and inspire people just by doing the best that I can. One day I will be sitting with my children in a colorful garden, tell them about my travels and take them on an adventure, to a world that has kept all the beauty we know today.

My idea – solutions for more positivity

Look for the good, spread positivity, gutes, positiv, Unterschied machen, Wald Kanada, Vancouver Island, magisch
Looking for the good. The people that make a difference.

My idea is to spread positivity. I’m looking for solutions. Solutions that are working for a sustainable tomorrow. I want to show the full potential of sustainability. Not just boring, eco and tiring – rather easy solutions I can find on my journey around the world. Solutions and projects invented by people, who also believe that it’s not too late to turn things around. We can all learn from each other and create something really big together. I want to show you that you can create yourself a fulfilled life without compromises while acting responsibly and according to your vales. I stand up for a world worth living, in harmony with nature and all human beings.

My blog is mostly German, but if you like to follow my adventure, hop on my Instagram and see what I’m up to. Besides that, you´ll find English episodes on my Podcast Change & Perspective. Whenever I come across inspiring people or fascinating sustainable solutions, I make sure to record an interview so that we can all learn from it and soak in the positive change.

smile Lächeln Kap Verde Kathrin von Weltblick 2.0 welt verändern
Smile and the world will smile back

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Any questions left? Just write me an E-mail at mail@weltblick2null.de or contact me on my social media accounts.


Nobody is perfect and nobody has to be. But we can choose every day to live a conscious life and take conscious decisions. Choose joy over fear and change over resistance. With this small steps, we can transform the whole world.

Be the change you want to see in the world, Kathrin von Weltblick 2.0 in Maio, vorangehen, Welt verändern